Hannah is a licensed clinical mental health counselor (CO), addictions specialist and trained Enneagram coach. She moved to Colorado in 2015 to pursue her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and fell in love with the state and psychology, and her husband/coworker, Kevin. Hannah struggled to find fulfillment in her early career. Like so many who join Uncaged, Hannah felt burned out by the traditional mental health jobs and considered changing careers entirely, when that experience led her directly to the population she wanted to work with - professionals who are struggling with their career, identity and stress-management. Hannah is passionate about helping individuals find freedom from their anxiety, depression, addictions, relational issues and negative self-image. She is also a trained Enneagram coach and uses it as a tool to help her clients access their personal power and growth path, as well as improve their relationships with others. In a short time with Hannah, you’ll recognize her curiosity about people, animals, food and the outdoors. Before working as a counselor, Hannah was involved in human rights work in Uganda and has spent much of her life working with children and families in various capacities.

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