“Is this REALLY what healthcare is supposed to look like?" Being a physical therapist is part of my identity and with each job I had, I felt like I wasn’t able to represent myself as authentically as I wanted, which left me feeling frustrated and trapped. Feeling like I had no other option, I decided to start my own practice with 3 primary focuses: give clients what they deserve and help them achieve more than the bare minimum, provide opportunities for clinicians who are also feeling stuck with job opportunities, allow myself to be authentically represented in all I do. Once I realized that I could do this within my own practice, I started to gain opportunities to help support other businesses in doing the same and eventually partnered with Uncaged Clinician to support people like you who are unwilling to sacrifice in what they’re offering and doing in their lives. I tell people on coaching calls all the time- The only thing someone else can’t answer for you is whether you believe you can do more. Once you decide that, we can support you with the how to accomplish it!

Uncaging Clinicians.

Revitalizing Healthcare.