Have you ever felt lonely and Isolated while building your business? Even with most traditional "guru" based coaching models, it can feel isolating with very little (if any access to the coach). This leaves you making decisions on your own without the guidance and support necessary. Success Councils are designed to solve this problem for you!

NOTE: application is only required for those without approval from the Uncaged Clinician team or recommendation from current member


SUPPORT and COUNSEL you're looking for!

Base Access


$3000 Biannually ($600 savings/year)

6-8 Member

Cohort style

Intentionally small groups that are similar in practice structure and size to allow for improved collaboration

Success Coach

Our team willror

Rotating team of Uncaged Clinician trained success coaches to facilitate and guide discussions

Bimonthly Meetings

Join alongside your success council twice monthly to mastermind together, learn from the expertise of your colleagues, and share resources. Each call will be guided by an Uncaged Clinician success coach.

Quarterly Training Summits

Join the Uncaged Clinician team for quarterly, online summits. Each summit will focus on developing goals and strategy for building your practice. Each summit will also feature outside experts to develop your knowledge in key aspects of business development.

CRM Access

Client management software to manage leads and client communications, build systems, develop automations, and improve back end efficiency.

Resource Library

Access to online resources and videos to facilitate self guided learning as well as common forms and systems for practice management.

Customize your Experience

Base + 1:1 Coaching

For those looking for additional, personalized guidance from a member of the Uncaged Clinician Team

BASE + $200/month

One 1:1 coaching call/month

One call per month with an Uncaged Clinician coach to guide you towards accomplishing your goals and develop your leadership skills.

Discounted Additional Calls

Need an additional call? As a Base + member you'll have access to schedule additional calls for you or your team at a rate of $200/hour

Base + In Person Retreats

Add in person experiences to further develop your relationships and Success Council community.

Base + $250/month

Spring Intensive

All Success Councils come together for collaborative training and business development. Each success council will participate in small group trainings as well as large group intensives guided by the Uncaged Clinician team and additional outside experts.

Summer Retreat

Regional small group success councils focused on mindset, recovery and personal development. Each retreat will be facilitated by an Uncaged Clinician Success Coach.

Fall Success Council Live

"Family Reunion" style. This event is a celebration of the year and is open to additional members of Success Council members teams and family.

Full membership!

Add 1:1 Coaching calls and in person events

Base + $450/month

Full Membership

Monthly 1:1 coaching and in person event access

A la carte

If you're not interested in add ons at this time, calls and events can be purchased as below

1:1 Coaching Calls


In person events

$1500 per event


How long is the commitment?

The initial commitment for a success council is 12 months.

Does the price vary depending on practice size?

No. The base and the base plus options are the same price for each Success Council member.  If an owner would like for his or her team members to have 1:1 coaching calls, there is a separate per-call charge.

Can I pause my membership?

No. We ask for a 12 month commitment.  We do understand that extraneous circumstances can come up and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What if I choose the “Retreats” option, but can’t make a retreat?

This option is non-refundable. As long as you are able to attend two of the three retreats, the base+in person events option is still the best value.

Can I change which Success Council that I am in?

No. Each council is established for a minimum of 6 months. The value of being in a Success Council is in building and fostering relationships which requires consistency over time. If after 6 months you feel like you'd be better matched with. a different group you can change.

What if I choose the Base plan but feel I need a 1:1 call?

A la carte calls are available for $300/call

How many members will there be in a single Success Council?

There will be 6-8 members in each group

How will Success Councils be determined?

Once you sign up you’ll be asked to fill out a practice information questionnaire. This information will be used to best place you in a success council. There are a number of factors that we consider including size of practice, revenue, location, target population, goals, etc.

Who leads the Success Councils?

A rotating team of Uncaged Clinician trained Success Coaches will facilitate the discussions. The purpose of a success coach is to facilitate discussion, however, each member of a success council is responsible for a portion of the meeting.

What happens during a Success Council call?

 Calls maintain two primary structures. Structure one is a “mastermind” call where each member will have a chance to share their primary obstacles and allow the other members to share strategies to overcome these concerns. Structure two allows for short updates from each member with a longer amount of time given to one member to share something they’re doing really well and think would benefit the other members.

When are the in-person gatherings?

For 2024: The first LIVE retreat is scheduled for Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2024 in Panama City, FL.  Smaller group retreats will occur in May - June, 2024.  The LIVE event date will be in October 2024.  We expect to host the smaller retreats in locations conducive to easy travel for each individual Success Council. Exact dates and location are TBD.

What other opportunities are there for learning within the Success Council?

Quarterly Summits will be hosted where we will help you to establish a quarterly plan for your business. These are opportunities where staff members may attend.

Who can join a Success Council?

Success Councils are intended to be for people who are full time in their own practice (Uncaged) and not dependent upon outside work.

Will my Success Council consist of the same people every call?

Yes, your Success Council will stay the same in an effort to build connection and trust. The Success Council facilitator will rotate monthly.

Are there opportunities to connect with other Success Councils?

Yes. During live events, quarterly summits, and during quarterly challenges. You also have direct access to all members through the communication channel provided by Uncaged Clinician


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