It's Time To Launch Your Business.

UNCAGED BUSINESS LAUNCHPAD is the premiere program in the industry to help your healthcare business get launched with the right foundation.

Get your ducks in a row

What We Cover:

  • Logistics and legalities

  • 10 weeks of personal development to help improve you as a leader and set you up for success.

  • Learn what is needed to build your business on the proper foundation to allow it to be built and last for decades.

Build your brand, your sustems, and your website

Our team willror

What We Cover!

  • Branding for your business

  • Communication about your brand

  • Market Research to set your business up for success

Initial Marketing and Sales

Our team willror

What We Cover!

  • Initial Marketing to start getting your ideal customer in the door.

  • Selling

  • Offer Creation and Pricing

  • Finances - what to do with your money once you start making it.

Invest in yourself: In just 10 weeks, get access to the

business knowledge that you didn't get in school!

What's included?

1 year subscription to GHL

GHL is an all-in-one software for client relationship management, website design, automations, funnel creations, and much more!

$3600 value!

10 Week Personal Development Program

This is our "secret sauce".

Our clients always tell us "I had no idea how much I needed this!". You will get access to 10 weeks of focused journal prompts from our personal development coach to aid you in your growth as a business leader.

$1000 Value!

Free Access to your own customizable website

We believe imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. We have provided a beautiful one-page webpage for you to build your first website on. We don't want a website to be a barrier for you to begin making traction with your business!

$500 Value

That's $5100 of value ON TOP OF

the live trainings!

What others are saying?


The Uncaged Launchpad experience has been wonderful. This program has helped me establish a solid foundation to build on for many years! The value of the information provided is far greater than the monetary investment.

-Wes Todd


I loved the program. It was a great jumpstart with really nice and knowledgeable people! Long list of things learned.

-Lisa Garon


I feel I have a better foundation having gone through Launchpad than if I had just tried to figure it all out on my own.

-Rebecca Gadner-Reilly


What's included along with the trainings?

What's Included?

  • Weekly group trainings for 10 weeks

  • Weekly challenges to push you and hold you accountable

  • Ten weeks of focused personal development with our personal development coach

  • FREE access to your own GHL Account for a one year (Go High Level) -CRM for lead management, website, email automations, text automations, funnels, etc.

  • A beautiful one-page website on your GHL account. It is so easy to modify that anyone, no matter your technical knowledge, can have it ready in 1-2 hours.

  • 2x/month 1:1

  • Accountability check-in calls with your coach

Why is personal development included?

After coaching over 500 business owners as a team, we started to recognize the clues that success leaves. The primary indication of success for our clients was their level of personal development. We strongly believe as a company that personal development is a lifelong journey, and that your business growth will never exceed your level of personal development. Therefore, we feel it is our duty to help you to grow personally. In turn, your business and your impact will as well.

How quickly can I expect to get clients?

Each person starts at a different level when entering. Some have all their legalities established while others don't. No matter where you start, if you follow the program, and take action on everything in the 10 weeks, we guarantee your results of getting a paying client into your business. Our goal is for you to prove to yourself that you can truly do this, and become "uncaged!" Many should expect much quicker results if they've done some of the ground work already.

What is the time commitment?

You will have ONE 60-minute training per week for 10 weeks straight. It is on Thursday's at 12pm EST always. If you cannot make the live recording, we will have the recording up for you in your account within 24 hours. We just suggest that you set aside time to make sure to watch it each week, and not fall behind. In addition to the trainings, you will have TWO 30-minute check-in accountability calls per month. (5 total in the 10 weeks)

How will the course materials be delivered?

Course materials will be delivered through GoHighLevel. It is very easy to use, and you will be given access to your account after purchase. All live trainings are on zoom.