It all started with a pivotal question from my wife, Shelby - “Josh, are you ever going to be happy with your job as a physical therapist?” My gut wrenching answer, “No, I don’t think so.” This game-changing moment led me on a trajectory to owning my own business and creating a model that gave my patients the quality of care I felt that they deserved. Starting that practice, and going through the struggles of growing it, changed my life forever.I want the same for you. I want you to realize your God-given potential as you become UNCAGED from the chains of corporate healthcare that are holding you back as a clinician. You can build a business that NOT only gives your patients the care that they deserve, but also gives you a life where your cup is full.When you are walking around with a full cup, watch out for the incredible impact that it can make on your family and your community.

Uncaging Clinicians.

Revitalizing Healthcare.